Australia, Western Australia and the North in particular has a great many wonderful places to visit. Many of the locations are outside mobile phone coverage with the road access often rough and four wheel drive only. These travel conditions and lack of communications escalates the risks of travel in these areas.
Many people have heard of High Frequency (HF) radio and the benefits it offers but may believe they need to do exams to have use of this type of radio, or it is old fashioned. This is not the case.
Anybody can have a HF radio and become licensed to transmit by becoming a member of Austravel Safety Net. Austravel is a not-for-profit organization which maintains a virtual security blanket for remote area travelers by supporting HF radio communications Australia wide. Membership costs are very low.

High Frequency (HF) long-range radios on the Austravel Safety Net are capable of accessing an extensive Australia-wide base network, enabling communications and telephone inter connect, from outback locations where a mobile phone will not work. (That’s a fact).
HF two way Radio with 21st Century Connectivity
For your safety
Austravel recently introduced state-of-the-art technology, named Telcall+ and the Out-n-About phone app, linking HF radios with mobile phone networks. This revolutionary system connects HF radio to satellite navigation and cross-pollinates with services such as map position marking, text messaging, direct SMS to any mobile phone and telephone direct dial interconnection from your radio.

For the first time, this extraordinary technology value-adds HF radio and brings all its features into the 21st Century.
Telcall+ and Out-n-About provides map display for family and friends of your camping locations, no matter where you are in Australia. No need to contact them every day to say you are OK but you can if you wish to.
In addition and possibly the single most important feature of the Telcall+ system: By depressing a single button on the HF Radio, users can call for emergency help response. The help response system in Austravel is unparalleled by any other network and can be used for general help or life threatening emergencies. Knowledge of radio use is not required to make an emergency call.
The Telcall+ technology is not available anywhere else in the world with the program purpose developed in Australia, by Australians, for Austravel Safety Net. To recap the Out-n-About phone app can send text messages from anywhere in the world to HF radio located anywhere in Australia.
Today’s HF radio user can make an emergency call for help, mark their GPS positions on a map, send text messages to the radio mail box system, SMS any mobile phone or make a phone call from anywhere in Australia.
Family and friends do not need membership to run the Out-n-About phone app. With the app they can view GPS locations of selected user members and communicate to those radios by text. Different levels of access are PIN-protected for privacy.
Some travelers already have HF radios and can achieve these extra features just by adding Austravel network to their existing radio. This does not interfere with any pre-existing network. Total cost less than $2.00 per week as membership includes usage costs.
Do you think your safety is worth it?
Radios are readily available new and second hand from a number of different suppliers with Australian wide dealerships.
For any technical or operational queries on Telcall+ or the Out-n-About app please contact Kim Rhodes on 0427983329 or email:-7880@westnet.com.au

For further information to join Austravel SafetyNet, contact the membership officer. Geoff Ph: 0403 309 020 email:- two.pecks@bigpond.com