Out-n-About™ for Austravel

Family & Friends travelling in the outback?

LOcate and message them no matter where they are 

Working through Telcall+ on the AusTravel Safety Network,
allows you to locate your family & friends when they are travelling in remote locations.

Using the Out-n-About™ Solution Members can:

  • Log GPS Positions via HF radio

  • Receive messages from the Out-n-About™ app via their HF Radio

  • Send an SOS to the AusTravel Emergency responders

  • Allow family & friends to see their location via the Out-n-About™ app


Using the Out-n-About™ Solution Family can:

  • Send a message to a club member's radio via the Out-n-About™ app

  • See where a club member is

  • See a history of where a club member has been

  • Contact Emergency Responders if they are concerned

The Out-n-About™ App

Stay Connected
Stay Safe

The Out-n-About™ App allows you to stay in touch with those travelling in remote areas

  • See their location on a map

  • See a history of their locations

  • Use your phone to message

    • Can be read via the HF radio or Phone App

  • Request a radio to update its GPS position

  • Provides an urgent contact list in case of emergency

The Out-n-About™ for Austravel

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