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As the Mobile Phone Network is not always available in Outback Australia, AusTravel formed their club to provide communication between its members via HF radio.

AusTravel approached Take-This to help them enhance their HF radio network to allow club members with HF radios, to communicate with their Family and friends via a Mobile Phone App.

Take-This designed and supplied Base Station Interfaces and Mobile Phone Apps to integrate Old and New technologies providing a 21st Century Solution.

How Out-n-About™ works for AusTravel

Working through Telcall+ on the AusTravel Safety Network,
allows you to locate your family & friends when they are travelling in remote locations.


Using the Out-n-About™ Solution Members can:

  • Log GPS Positions via HF radio

  • Receive messages from the Out-n-About™ app via their HF Radio

  • Send an SOS to the AusTravel Emergency responders

  • Allow family & friends to see their location via the Out-n-About™ app


Using the Out-n-About™ Solution Family can:

  • Send a message to a club member's radio via the Out-n-About™ app

  • See where a club member is

  • See a history of where a club member has been

  • Contact Emergency Responders if they are concerned

AusTravel Information


Using an HF radio your loved one has the ability to update their GPS location to the cloud. This GPS location can then be easily viewed on the Out-n-About™ app, showing exactly where someone is and the time of their most recent GPS update.


You can even view GPS location history to see where someone has been travelling. If your family member or friend has not checked in for some time you can send them a message or arrange for an emergency contact to radio them directly.


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