Small Business 
and employee
GPS Fleet Management Solution

Key Features:

  • Increase working efficiency of your assets

  • No Expensive Hardware Equipment

  • Vehicle / Employee Tracking

  • Generate Logs and Reports

  • Customisable Map Display

  • Saves you money!


Fleet Management Console
Fleet Management Console

Fleet Management

GrasstreePro Square3
GrasstreePro Square3

Fleet Management Console
Fleet Management Console

Fleet Management



PC / Mac Software - $500
Skybridge Access - from $200/year

Mobile Apps - $20 each

Get it now! - Available for PC or MAC

Full Feature Demo

  • 60 days free usage

  • Unlimited Skybridge Access

  • 10 apps supported

    • Apps - $19.99 each

Vehicle log books inaccurate or incomplete?

Staff taking a few extra minutes at Maccas during their lunch break?

Think you can't afford to keep track of them?

You can

Grasstree™ is your cost effective GPS Asset Management Solution for Small Business.


Grasstree™ Components


  • The Grasstree Skybridge for Cloud Based Connectivity

    • Allows Seamless communication between the apps & Grasstree™ Console

    • Easy access to Mapping

  • The Grasstree App

    • Update GPS Position

    • User can Attach as driver for vehicle tracking

  • The GrasstreeConsole
    GPS Fleet Management Program

    • Maps delivered via the cloud - stored locally for quick access

Grasstree Layout Transparent2.png

Grasstree™ Console
GPS Fleet Management Program


  • No Expensive Equipment to buy

  • World mapping based on Open Street Maps

  • Real-time activity logging

  • Simple menu driven operation

  • Visual asset display

  • Add your own Map Detail

    • Travel Path/Area Drawing tool

    • Location Markers

  • Review tool

  • Markers can be added to the map for Arrival & Departure Logging

  • Reporting (Excel compatible export)

    • Vehicle Mileage

    • Time Sheets

  • Windows & Apple Mac Compatible


Grasstree™ Skybridge


  • Cloud based

  • Provides access to the Take-This Map Server

    • Based on Open Street Maps

  • Creates a bridge between your Grasstree program and 
    Mobile Apps

  • Uses your existing internet service

  • No expensive IT support



Grasstree™ Mobile App

  • Collects GPS positions for display on the
    Console - GPS Fleet Management Program

  • Attach a Driver to a Vehicle to collect data from Vehicles

  • On-line / Offline Modes

  • ​iPhone & Google Compatible

  • Easy installation through Google Play or
    Apple App Store

Phone Img 4
Phone Img 4

Phone Img 2
Phone Img 2

Phone Img 3
Phone Img 3

Phone Img 4
Phone Img 4



Upgrade to Grasstree™ Pro


  • For the larger business

  • 99 Assets

  • Nautical Marks

  • 6mths free Skybridge Access



Upgrade cost - $2500
Skybridge Access - $2000/year

Mobile Apps - $20 each

GrasstreePro Square3.jpg