Messa™ Mimic Panels

"Messa™ - Universal Mimic Panels" are intended to provide a universal software user interface of any system or equipment. 

They are completely programmable.

Messa is:

  • Messa is a programmable way of using a computer to activate and display connections to off-site real world devices.

  • A single bi-directional RS-232 serial (or networked IP) communications port receives and transmits control data. 

  • Buttons and Shapes (icons) can be laid out onto any background image.

    • Clicking on a Button or Shape will transmit specific control data to the system/equipment as well as automating the mimic panels locally.

  • Any Button, Shape or Variable can receive a data message. This changes that button/shape's presentation on the mimic panel and/or could cause further automation locally.

  • Incoming data can be harvested compared and managed to activate panel display changes and actions.

  • Multiple mimic panel windows can be created. They all work together. Events detected on one panel can be used to automate any other panel. 

  • Panel design is only limited by your imagination.

  • Ideal for interactive Museum displays.

  • Control relay boards for remote switching

  • Control air lock, interlocked doors directly

  • Interface to a PLC controller or mod bus

  • Remote control of radio equipment

  • Generates data strings for button down/up

  • Incoming data strings, trigger displays

  • Scale/rotate any image as a button

  • Controllable label text and events

  • Complete set of local panel commands for mimic control and manipulation.

  • Conditional responses, timers, variables

  • GIF files for analogue or alarm display

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