People travelling through remote areas?


LOcate and message them no matter where they are 

  • Out-n-About™ is an HF radio networking solution.

  • The Out-n-About™ network is formed by installing smart Base Station sites that allow HF radios to connect with Mobile/Cell phones via the cloud. 

  • Using an HF radio Out-n-About™ members have the ability to update their GPS location to the cloud.

  • This GPS location can then be easily viewed on the Out-n-About™ app, showing exactly where someone is and the time of their most recent GPS update.

  • Through the Out-n-About™ App, GPS location history can be viewed to see where someone has been travelling.

  • If an Out-n-About™ member has not checked in for some time they can be sent a message via the Out-n-About™ App.

The Out-n-About™ Network

The Out-n-About™ network allows HF Radios and Mobile Apps to work together allowing communication in remote areas.

System Components Per Base:

  • The Out-n-About™ Base Station Interface

  • A Base Station HF Radio

  • An HF Radio Antenna 

For Communication with:

  • Vehicles Fitted with an HF Radio

  • Mobile Apps

Contact us to discuss your club or business HF networking needs.

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The Out-n-About™ App

Stay Connected
Stay Safe

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The Out-n-About™ App allows you to stay in touch with those travelling in remote areas

  • See their location on a map

  • See a history of their locations

  • Use your phone to message

    • Can be read via the HF radio or Phone App

  • Request a radio to update its GPS position

  • Provides an urgent contact list in case of emergency