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So, Success verses Knowledge

We all attribute an individual’s (and small business) success to the accumulation of industry relevant knowledge.

It may be more appropriate that success is attributed to a certain amount of Ignorance too.

I acknowledge that you can’t function within a professional field without a great deal of theory as well as extensive practical experience. Both are sources of great learning. In fact, probably the most important requirement for success is “People Networking” so you can discover, secure and influence business opportunities.

Through my own business success over the years, I have also witnessed the connection between Success and Ignorance.

I don’t mean lacking technical theory, I am talking about the lack of understanding of the normal procedures, standard practices and in some cases the regulations that an otherwise seasoned professional would already understand. As a young person embarking on their new business venture with a few mates, you can not only learn from the obstacles you encounter, but in many cases not knowing that these obstacles exist allows you to push on in directions you would never have explored otherwise. Success comes from the audacity of needing to do something “now” without knowledge of the obstacles that would slow you down or change you path.

I was one of three partners. We had a small business designing and manufacturing electronic security products in Perth, Australia. This business began as a vehicle to support our own projects installation work, but rapidly grew to support a world-wide distribution network. Like many growing businesses, run by young people, we leapt from one problem to the next, making expansion decisions day by day. Expanding to the building over the road to increase production, employing professional trainers to develop and implement our own product training and technical certification program.

-- The best marketing tool ever--.

Eventually, my family and I moved to Singapore and started our Asia based support company to move our large-scale manufacturing out of Australia.

Why Singapore? Well, it was only 5hrs from Perth, in the same time zone, a duty-free port for freighting around the world, politically stable, they welcomed Australians and Singaporeans largely speak English.

How did we come to do all this? Well one day we just decided to. Sure we needed visas, work permits, factory premises, housing, schooling, licensing, export permits, local staff, accountants and lawyers. But we didn’t know any of these things. We just got on a plane and made it happen. Solving one problem at a time, as they each came to light.

Today, I would never embark on such a venture as I am too aware of the many hundreds of obstacles that would confront me. I would never be able to get to the “End Goal” as I would be buried in trying to solve everything before it became a problem. It’s best to be young, audacious and just give it a go.

Ignorance is bliss!

In fact, Ignorance is Success!

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