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So, What is a REMI Machine?

It’s an electronic device that generates large fields of “Resonant Electro-Magnetic Induction” for the purpose of experimenting with electro magnetics and its effects on bacteria.

Who would do that?

Well, for nearly 100 years scientists have been experimenting with low frequency electro-magnetic energy to disrupt and destroy bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells as an alternate form of treatment for various ailments, such as Lymes Diseases.

Bacteria in human blood

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was one of the pioneers to this type of research.

Play this short video:

I worked on the REMI machine for over a year with my brother when he became intensely interested in Lymes Disease in Australia and the lack of medical support for the life-long health issues that Lymes causes over the 20 to 30 years following initial infection.

This “REMI Machine” (above) is our 21st century creation of a “Rife Machine (also known as a Doug Coil machine.)

It may not look like 21st century, but as it is micro-processor controlled, user programmable, auto tuning to resonate the induction loop at any selected frequency, and supports frequency SWEEP modes, while dynamically re-tuning the loop. A lot of very smart software went into this. The 64bit maths developed for calculating frequency tune points was particularly challenging for a little 8 bit PIC micro-processor.

The specs for REMI came from my brother who came up with this design for the REMI machine. He built the “Switched Capacitance Array” and “Induction Loop”, sourced a suitable programmable high-resolution low frequency generation module, power amplifier and made all the other general connected hardware.

I designed the system control solution, developed a touch screen interface, implemented the programmable audio frequency generator module, and wrote the software to make it all work. Together we wrote, tested and re-designed until we had a simple, functional and reliable REMI machine.

In brief, the generated audio frequency is fed to the input of a 2000 watt commercial audio amplifier. The high power audio output is then connected to the Induction Loop via the micro-processor controlled switched capacitance array, which tunes the Induction Loop to this specific frequency allowing the Loop to resonate and radiate the maximum magnetic field power possible.

Hypothetically, when the Induction Loop is held in close proximity to a solution like blood (a saline solution containing free electrons) the radiated low frequency electro-magnetic energy passes though and into the tissue and blood stream. Without going into great detail, this creates oscillating magnetic fields within the solution shaking small objects (like bacteria) to pieces.

“At least Rife believed so.”

My brother even purchased a high-powered microscope capable of seeing bacteria in blood samples. It had a video camera to log his observations. He also did a lot of related technical reading to better understand what he was looking at. Following several discussions with university researchers in this field, he handed his finding over for proper professional research to continue.

You can read more about how the REMI Machine works here:

Download PDF • 2.66MB

Other Information on Rife’s life work.



or search the internet for other designs of “Rife Machines”

There is a ton of information out there if you are excited to know more about Rife and Lymes Disease.

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