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So, You thought I was dead.

No, I haven’t died of Covid-19, at least, not yet.

In fact, living inside Western Australia has provided my family and I with a great deal of protection allowing our state to flourish. My wife and I have travelled around the state, from top to bottom over the past 18 months and to be honest, tourism based business did suffer significantly last year. But those businesses that survived have re-modelled themselves to take advantage of the new client base, West Australians.

This year, everywhere we went was pretty much “booked out”. I am talking about “off session” and outside of school holidays. Who knows how you would get any accommodation during the “busy times” then. We needed to book weeks in advance and often try several alternatives to secure bookings.

We have travelled to Wyndham, Kununurra, Broome, Port Hedland, Karratha, Coral Bay, Tom Price, Karijini, Carnarvon, Geraldton, Jurien Bay, Merredin, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany, Mt Barker, Denmark, Walpole, Pemberton, Bunbury and Busselton. We even got outside the state to Darwin and Kakadu National Park.

Personally, I think the biggest problem that business was experiencing, was a labour shortage (not vacancy rates). They blame the lack of foreign backpacker tourists. But I think the businesses that woke up early, realized that there are a lot of local tourists that are happy to do a little short term work for a little reward. Business just needs to start thinking outside their old business model and be a little creative. Such as; “Grey Nomads”. You know, the hundreds (maybe thousands) of middle aged and retired people that spend several months a year travelling around in their caravans or RVs “doing it on the cheap”. If they could get a few days or a week’s work for say their food, petrol, somewhere to park the RV and even a little monetary reward then that would provide them with an extended trip while being a valuable source of labour for those hotels, pubs and service stations that they pass by.

Just need to “think outside the box” a little.

I know the Federal Government is pressuring WA to open its borders, which will allow Covid-19 into our state, probably in January/February 2022. Yes we now have access to vaccines and viral treatments which will help to reduce the serious complications of contracting the disease.

Unfortunately, some people will still die. Young, old and the healthy ones too.

I just hope that my family and I make it through these uncertain times.

The world has changed, although I think people are too eager to pretend it is just the same as before Covid and those poor people that die from Covid or its many health complications over the following years, are just casualties of trying to live their normal life.

According to WHO International - as at 6th December 2021, the Covid-19 world-wide figures are;

  • · 256 million confirmed cases

  • · 5.2 million confirmed deaths

  • · 7,952 million vaccine doses administered

  • · Over 80,000 new cases per day

  • · Over 1,500 new deaths per day

“God help us”, as no-one else seems to care anymore.

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