The Starchild Story

Starchild is the surrogate father of Take This Technologies. Founded in 1996 by Scott and Belinda Rhodes, The Starchild Corporation was your traditional 90's garage tech start up.


From 1995-1998, the company developed numerous commercially available photo editing and photo management software products. The popularity of these utilities was strong, giving them their own commercial importance in the company's ongoing success.


In the years following, the company began design and prototyping of an electronic scrolling sign product known as ESTIKA®. By the early 2000s, this product proved very popular, with meetings being held with potential distributers globally. Unfortunately, the product never reached its full potential, having being copied and distributed throughout Asia. Despite this, the development of the ESTIKA® remains a great achievement of the Starchild Corporation to this date.


Since 2005 the company has been largely inactive, with the owners focusing more heavily on other business ventures. Most notably, Scott has been developing and supplying Visual Asset Protection, security camera systems for mining sites throughout the north west of Australia.

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