Behind Every Idea...

Andrew Rhodes


CEO & Marketing


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"Preconception kills innovation"


Andrew Rhodes is a highly ambitious and innovative business professional with a focus on providing the world market with unique, cutting edge technologies, to help improve people's lives. Above all, Andrew believes that gaining knowledge and experience every day is the to key to self improvement. Everybody has their own preconceptions. It's is only through learning that we can expand our minds and realise a reality beyond our own.


Brought up in a family of entrepreneurs, programmers and electronic engineers, Andrew was unavoidably drawn towards technology. In 2013, Andrew received his Masters (MBA) in International Business and Marketing, after completing his studies at Edith Cowan University. He has also studied abroad, spending over 12 months in Paris, France and Europe. Travel remains an important part of his life, as it facilitates learning in a way that's otherwise impossible. Andrew has also been involved in the development and marketing of numerous apps in the past.





Scott Rhodes


Lead Designer

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"An Idea is worthless. An action is invaluable"


Scott is no stranger to product engineering or business development. In 1988 Scott Rhodes and associates founded Maxpro Systems. Maxpro, with Scott as the Chief Engineer, developed the world’s first CCTV Management System, the MAX-1000: a high-security perimeter solution for prisons, airports, mine sites, shopping malls, casinos and other institutions requiring an exceptional level of security. Their security solution has been installed in hundreds of locations worldwide. In 1996, Maxpro was acquired by Ultrak Inc, which was subsequently acquired by Honeywell Inc. To this day, Honeywell continue to use the MAX-1000 technology and branding. 


This was not the first product that Scott has developed, nor would it be the last. Scott is a man with a vision and a history of success. He not only identifies opportunities, but has the skills and fortitude to make them a reality. He is an integral part of this organisation, without whom our software and product development would not be possible.