Have you ever been lost and wished you had a really SIMPLE way back. You know, something that would POINT you back to the car after going for a short walk, hiking or camping in the "Out-Back".



The Walk-2-GPS app is just the thing!


It runs on your phone/tablet, does NOT need the Internet or Mobile phone network to operate. It uses GPS satellites and the build-in magnetic sensors to show you the way back to exactly the same location you came from.


Use Walk-2-Gps to go back to that great gold prospecting spot, or when orienteering from one check-point to the next. You can walk to a specific Latitude/Longitude, over and over again.


Just walk in the direction of the displayed ARROW or use the compass like a RADAR to get bearings and range for several known Locations.


You can even COPY your Favourite GPS Location and PASTE it into a Text Message to send to a friend.




This app could save your life.


The Walk-2-GPS App

Stay Safe

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The Walk-2-GPS App allows you to:

  • Doesn't require Internet or Mobile Phone connectivity

  • Follow the arrow to get back to a location

  • Use it like a radar to get bearings & distance for several known locations

  • Get a digital readout of a compass bearing in degrees

  • Choose dark or light background colour for best viewing

  • Vibrates when you get near your chosen location

  • Copy latitude/longitude to and from the clipboard

  • Automatic magnetic declination adjustment

Need a little extra Help?


There is no manual for this app.

Like other mobile phone apps, understanding comes from it’s use.


ADD your current location at the car park BEFORE walking away so that later you can follow the ARROW back safely.


The app’s menu (the 3 line icon at top left) contains all the functions of the app.  Some of these features are also selectable by clicking and long-pressing icons and the background on the screen. Best to play around to learn how best to use it.


Aside from the ARROW mode, there is a RADAR mode. This allows you to have several favourite locations around the compass at the same time.

As you point your phone in different directions the icon that falls into the displayed radar beam will be the one that you see the name and distance away info for.


Short click the background to toggle on/off the digital compass degrees display, being the current direction you are pointing the phone. You can also always read the current direction from the analog compass dial.


There are LIGHT and DARK background display modes. You can LONG PRESS the background to change between them.


Also, while you are still in mobile phone service range (ie. have access to the internet) you can call google maps to show both your current location “Where-am-I” and the selected favourite’s location “Show-this-on-Map” from the menu.


If you obtain a Latitude/longitude coordinate (as text) from someone/somewhere else (eg. email/SMS/web page) then by COPYING the Lat/Lon to  the phone’s clipboard then returning to the Walk-2-Gps app, you can create a new Favourite Location for this new Lat/Lon.

Walk-2-Gps works best away from metal objects. After-all, it is essentially a compass.  If it is unable to obtain a clear magnetic reading the App will prompt you asking to be re-calibrated.  See the App (also available from the menu) for details on how to perform a re-calibration.  To be fair, I only get re-calibration requests when I am near metal objects.  This means it WON’T work properly inside a car.


When you run the Walk-2-Gps app, it first calculates your “Magnetic-Declination” for your current Latitude/Longitude.  This is the difference between magnetic North and true North, It makes the compass/pointer a little more accurate.