What's YoBro!?


Your Phone, Your Music, Your Chat, Anytime, Anywhere.


YoBro!™ is your all in one water resistant, active, outdoor, smart phone solution. Great for a range of different outdoor sports and activities. 


YoBro!™ utilises the newest physical and software technologies, to keep you using your phone, listening to music, and in touch with your mates, no matter where you are, or what you're doing. Rainy days, heavy swells, windy slopes, it doesn't matter. With YoBro!™ you can brave them all with your phone by your side and music in your ears.


YoBro!™ has 3 major components, that when used together, make your phone the ultimate water resistant, active, outdoor device.


  • ​YoBro!™ Bone Conduction Headset


  • YoBro!™ Water Resistant Phone Pouch


  • YoBro!™ Chat Smart Phone Application

Water Sports

  • Swimming

  • Snorkelling

  • Surfing

  • Jet Skiing

  • Kayaking

  • Kite Surfing

  • Wind Surfing

  • Water Skiing / Wake Boarding

Snow Sports

  • Skiing

  • Snowboarding

  • Snow Kiting


Extreme Sports / Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking

  • Abseiling

  • Rock Climbing

  • Hang Gliding

  • BMX

  • Mountain Biking

  • Parkour


YoBro!™ Bone Conduction Headset


  • Great for all sports

  • Water resistant to 1M

  • Innovative bone conduction audio technology

  • Free Yo Bro! Water Resistant Phone Pouch with every headset

  • Yellow and Black colour options

  • Noise cancelling microphone

  • One size fits all

YoBro!™ Water Resistant Phone Pouch


  • Water resistant to 2M

  • Take your phone out in the water!

  • Protects the phone against water, dust and debris

  • Free with every Yo Bro! Bone Conduction Headset 

  • Phone remains touch responsive in pouch

  • Safety leash to secure headset and pouch

  • ​Arm strap for convenience

  • Array of colour choices

YoBro!™ Chat Smart Phone Application


  • Voice chat with friends

  • General chat with local area

  • Emergency chat / phone call Line

  • Play music / take photos

  • Social Media Integration

  • YoBro!™ World

    • Find your mates

    • Check out local sporting hot spots

    • Comment on locations and share with the community